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“KG2B Class” Newspaper

February 3, 2011

These two students started the day with Lego “cameras,” and ended it with a four-paged newspaper.  When I offered them the use of our class camera, they were excited to take pictures of everyone in the class.  They took photos of people working in various parts of the classroom, printed and cut them, and arranged them according to how many people were engaged in each activity.  After noticing that they only had 4 pages to work with, but five stories, they looked to The Daily Star, Lebanon’s English newspaper, and determined that they could include more than one story on each page, as long as there was a line separateing each story.  They wrote a short synopsis of the event, and asked for the names of the projects people were working on.  The newspaper, “KG2B Class” was well received by classmates as it passed around from one person to the next. 

“5 girls in the art studio making dresses. For a fashion show.”

“They’re building a ‘Folum.'”

“Three people working in the writing [center].”

“They’re cleaning up the blocks.”

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  1. Neil permalink
    February 5, 2011 4:23 pm

    Great activity. I’m impressed that they are writing too.

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