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The Rabbit

October 26, 2010

 Nadia: Ms. Lauren! The rabbit’s telling me secrets!

Me: Really Nadia?!   What’s she saying?

Nadia: She said, “Nadia, Nadia!  You’re MARVELOUS!”

This is the rabbit that visited our class.  She came from another KG2 class, and we invited her to stay in our room for the week.  Other than Spider, our class fish, we have never had a class pet.  I’ve generally thought it would be more work than reward, and not given it any thought after that. 

What I saw last week changed my mind.  It was incredible to see which children were hesitant to approach, and which ones wouldn’t leave its side.  I saw overwhelming empathy where I didn’t think it existed, and several students kept coming up to the room from recess (ahem, without asking) to check on her.  By the end of the week, when the rabbit passed by, many students might smile and say something to her, and then continue their work.  the rabbit was hopping right into our “planning time,” and I heard someone make a joke, saying, “OK rabbit, what do you want to do today?!”

Children read to the rabbit and were very gentle, and she added an extra element to the classroom that I miss now that she’s back home in her classroom.  We’re on the lookout and hoping to adopt a rabbit of our own soon.

Above: Students read with the rabbit on the couch; a playhouse for the rabbit when he’s hopping around.

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