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Moving Up

August 10, 2010

As I think more about the upcoming school year and our new classroom, I find myself thinking about individual students and their preferences for working and learning from last year.  I can’t help but think about the setup and classroom environment, and how each student will interact in it.  Student X prefers working on the ground, so I need to leave ground space near the writing tools.  Students Y and Z love quiet “hiding” corners, and will really like the nook our new classroom offers.  It’s exciting to anticipate how the students will interact in the room, and the way we will live in the space.

We took the students to the new room during the last week of school in June, and I feel grateful to have their input on where things should go and what we should keep in the room.  We won’t start the year with completely blank walls like last year, but more on that later.  It deserves its own post.

Making blue prints isn’t one of my strengths (I work better with actual furniture, plus it’s a great workout), but above is my first sketch.

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