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Flags and The World Cup

June 22, 2010

(Bottom Picture: Google search results for the Indian flag)

Our classroom and playground is full of fanfare as the World Cup heats up.  Students know an incredible amount about red cards and yellow cards, rules and referees, and I see them jump on each other and run with their arms stretched out when they score on the playground.  Some of their comments are infused with their own ideas about playing with others.  I was told today,

 “At the end of the game, you know, it’s OK if you lose.  Like, say, England is playing Italy, and Italy loses: You know, that’s OK for Italy, they shouldn’t be mad or sad or anything.  They should say ‘congratulations!’ and give England hugs.  You know, they all have fun.”

This fanfare has blossomed into an interest in maps and the globe.  As it turns out, there are more countries than Brazil, Italy, England, the U.S., and Argentina.  Hundreds!!!!  Picking out countries and looking for their flags via the Internet is a popular activity of late.  For several days, students used inventive spelling, which didn’t work out so well for countries like “Tadzhikstan,” and someone had the brilliant idea to bring the globe to the computer.

As a result, we have a collection of hand drawn flags for the last week of school.

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  1. June 22, 2010 3:41 pm

    Good to hear that the World Cup has a positive effect on kids studying geography and vexillogy! Great work!

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