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Five Little Monkeys: the Movie

March 26, 2010

Left: the unhappy doctor; Middle: Two happy monkeys, jumping on the bed; Right: Three monkeys who have already fallen from the bed.


A group of seven students are currently working to create a movie based on their beloved story Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.  Students previously chose character roles, and today we met and discussed costume choices.    Here is part of their conversation:  

Gabriella: We need costumes! 

Jude H: We can make them during recess. 

Hania: We can cut a paper of a monkey and pretend these are us.  

Paul: the papers are too small.  

Mohamed: No, we can cut them.  

Nadim: We will put them on the back with scotch tape.  

Jude H: a tail on the back  

Paul: On the paper we color brown because monkeys are brown  

Jude H: We need to color the eyes black.  

Zeid: I tell – my mask! [Zeid made a mask earlier in the week]  I want to make a giant thing.  

Gabriella: Yea, a mask.  

Nadim: . . . but how will we see?  

Zeid: No, we don’t make eyes.  We don’t have to put other eyes on our eyes.  

Paul: but we won’t know where we are going!  

Jude H: We will bump into things.  

Zeid:  We cut like this, yea, spaces for our eyes.  

Jude H: We can see from our eyes.  

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing these monkey masks.  I have a feeling they’ll be unintentionally terrifying.  We’ll see.

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