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Daily Journal

November 10, 2009



The day started in a flurry with the provocation of a light rope, suspended in the air above the cozy corner.  Students suggested that we put the rope there yesterday when we showed it to them, and seemed amazed when they walked in the door this morning.

“Look at the light!”

Haya looked closely at the light reflecting on her hand and showed her friends.  Then, students began bringing paper and holding it to the light.  They noticed it was semi-transparent, and started experimenting with different color paper, and then combining two sheets in front of the light.  Abbas and Malik brought lentils and puppets to the light, experimenting with different materials, and Adam, Jude, Yasmina, and Paul brought plastic transparencies into the experiment.

Later, after reading Leo Lioni’s Mathew’s Dream, in which Matthew grows up to be an artist after having a dream as a child, a group of students showed interest in painting a picture like one in the story.  Students used the white boards to practice making lines and then filling in their shapes with different colors, and then gathered around the large paper to fill in the spaces created with a black marker with paint.



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  1. Natalie McIntosh permalink
    November 17, 2009 12:23 am

    This seems like a lot of fun!!! I would definately want to try this in my future classrooms!! I love seeing children engaged in and curious about the world around them! Great idea!

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