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Reggio Study Week – Documentation and Assesment

October 20, 2009


*Please, for the sake of my sanity, imagine this to be the best-quality picture you’ve ever laid eyes on.  It seems to be a problem with my internet-o connec-see-on-ee.  [that’s my Italian accent.]

OK . . . a day behind on my rather ambitious plan to blog daily about my experience here in Reggio Emilia.  I can’t begin to explain the intellectual intensity of pedagogistas (theorists and researchers who work partly as teachers in the schools and partly as supporters of the other teachers) Vea Vecchi and Carla Rinaldi when they spoke on the purpose of documentation in Reggio infant-toddler centers and pre-schools.  Perhaps the frustrating part of the experience is that, because “Reggio” is not a program or technique, but rather an approach to educating the very young, the information that they spend the most time elaborating on is the philosophy behind what they do, rather than what they do.  Although frustrating, this is the most meaningful way to approach professional development and the exchange of ideas, and shows us the value they place on educators here – not just as “practitioners,” but as researchers and theorists partaking in the process of learning alongside students.

I’ll be telling you as much as I can, given the long days and intense discussions I’m having with the others here from around the world.  It’s mentally exhausting.  and then there’s the pasta.

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