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Tabula Rasa

September 4, 2009


For the past two weeks, Diana and I have prepared ourselves and our classroom for the arrival of 22 four year olds who will join us this year, and make the classroom their own.  In addition to dialoguing about changes we will make in our documentation and practices (more on that to come!), great thought was placed into the set-up and preparation of the classroom environment.

Rather than creating bulletin boards that welcome students with pre-made, institutional cutouts and boarders, why not leave the boards blank?  A blank slate can be thought provoking and inspiring, and allows for student work to be the real focus of the classroom.  We made a deliberate effort to leave the walls and bulletin boards of our classroom blank and neutral, except for a small calendar in English and Arabic and several art pieces gifted to the classroom by previous students.  Just as museums feature their installments on neutral-toned walls in order to highlight the art, so shall be the case in our classroom.

Neutral walls also provide a calming effect to our classroom environment, and make the classroom space appear larger.  Children (their clothes and personalities!)  will bring a colorful kind of joy into the room, and we’re anxiously awaiting their arrival on Monday.

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